Électronique Mercier’s private telemessaging network now covers the Greater Quebec City area

Since June 2004, Électronique Mercier’s private telemessaging network has covered the Greater Quebec City area. This powerful, reliable, fast and stable network now extends from Quebec City to Sept-Îles and from Quebec City to Mont-Joli and Northwest New Brunswick.

Électronique Mercier now provides this service to all its individual and commercial customers. To enhance its regional coverage, Électronique Mercier installed new rebroadcasters in the Quebec City area without passing the cost along to its customers. To meet the needs and expectations of its customers, the company chose to assume all the development and implantation costs for this extension of the network.

Électronique Mercier’s telemessaging service is independent of those of national and multinational corporations and is managed by the company’s own independent computerized systems.

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